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Marketing Myths.......
Myth 1: What is Marketing? Do you need it?

Simple, it is everything you do to let people know about your business. Advertising is marketing, your website and social media presence is marketing.

You need a Marketing strategy or plan to help you develop a brand, identify your target market, define your message and schedule its introduction to the marketplace.

Myth 2: Anyone can build you a website.

A good website is more than the HTML code that creates it. It is the "linchpin" of your on-line presence. The messages and design should reflect your brand and of course hit all the "hot buttons" of your target market.

Myth 3: Email Marketing does not work.

Building your own email list and designing a focused and well executed email marketing campaign is still very effective. New email management software allows recipients to opt out and lets you customize your message.

Here is an opportunity to create and deliver interesting content right to your prospects' inbox. Email marketing can enhance your relationship with your subscribers and drive revenue.

Myth 4: Your Logo is Your Brand.

Logos are an important component of a company's Brand identity, but your Brand is far more complex. It is the perception the world has of you. It communicates your personality and influences your prospects' opinion of the company and whether they want to do business with you. A brand is everything you are, the value you deliver and the total client experience.

Myth 5: One Campaign is enough.

Yes it is if, you do not want to build your customer base. Customer requirements change. Your products and services change. The competition is constantly changing. It seems change is the norm. So why do we expect to create one message that covers everything.

Myth 6: Social Media is not relevant for my Business.

You might not be an online retailer but you still need to engage on social media to be successful in the new marketplace. It is still one of the best ways to get your message to your target market. Choose the platform or platforms that are comfortable and is most used by your target market. Post interesting content and post often to make the most impact. Expand to other platforms to reach even more customers.

Remember different sites serve different demographic groups. It can be a sophisticated or as simple as you want it to be.

Myth 7: Lower prices encourage more people to buy.

If that were always true, no one would buy a BMW verses a Kia. Buyers have their own idea of what is valuable to them and many believe that "you get what you pay for". That is why it is so important to target your product or service correctly so that you can provide the maximum value at the right price.

Myth 8: Using eCommerce is the only way to sell.

It may be the best way to sell certain things, but some people still want to touch and see the products they buy. They prefer to visit a "bricks and mortar store". Choose the channel that appeals to your Target Market.

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